I'm Ryan, an independent brand strategist and writer. My career as a word guy began in elementary school with my 1998 work "The Case of the Killer Corn," a harrowing crime drama about human-sized corn cobs investigating an unsolved murder. Fortunately, my career developed from there.

Over the past 10+ years, I've helped brands of all sizes develop unique strategies to grow, and then translate those strategies into messaging that builds emotional connections with their audience. Whether working with brands directly, supporting agencies, or writing vegetable-based novellas, I've always held one belief close: that stories have the power to color our life with meaning.

Now imagine how transformative your brand could be with the right story behind it.
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Market research that uncovers opportunities for your brand to grow.
Brand strategy development that rallies your stakeholders around a path forward for your brand.
Go-to-market plans including brand naming, strategy, and positioning so you can launch or re-launch with confidence.
Copywriting that penetrates through the noise and gives your audience another reason to believe in your brand.


~10 years of client experience rooted in my and Gritty's birthplace, the city of Philadelphia.
Successful work with local, national, and international brands including American Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, and Penn Law.
Deep industry experience across multiple sectors, including non-profit, education, finance, and food & beverage.
A thick, undeniable mustache which grows fuller with every brand I successfully launch out into the world.


You probably care more about the branding stuff, but I also dance professionally.
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