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Lead Strategist

HeadsUp (Formerly Pennsylvania Early Intervention Center)


There's no shame in asking for help around your mental health. But that's not how the classic story goes in our culture—so how do we change that?

First, we want to understand every layer of the stigma.

HeadsUp is a resource for young people who have experienced their first episode of psychosis (FEP). I conducted interviews, analyzed search trends, performed secondary research, and had conversations with individuals who've experienced FEP to understand what was at stake, and why this stigma still exists in the first place.

The more you learn about something, the sharper your empathy for it gets. Deep research lead us to the human core of this reality, helping create a brand strategy that encouraged more people to seek help.

HeadsUp brand strategy guidelines mockup
HeadsUp brand naming and logo redesign evolution

Every part of your brand plays a role in its story—including the name.

Research showed that the existing name for the initiative, Pennsylvania Early Intervention Center, did not help push its mission forward. "Intervention" was more commonly associated with substance use disorder, and the name felt too clinical to the target audience.

The new name, HeadsUp, speaks directly to its Gen Z audience, while helping to reinforce the optimistic story the brand hopes to tell around mental wellness.

"Changing Minds,
Empowering Lives"
HeadsUp website copywriting mockup

One step closer to mental
wellness for everyone.

The launch of HeadsUp ushered in a new era of mental health in Pennsylvania. The first hub for FEP support in the state, HeadsUp successfully connects individuals and their families to the support they need to thrive. The website was designed and built by Push10.