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Any teacher will tell you: education isn't what it used to be. OnCourse, a software provider that helps districts get back to spending more time on students, wants to change that.

Their story begins with the measurable impact their software has.

Before developing the brand strategy, I created a research plan to understand OnCourse's competition, their audience, and their software. OnCourse was already helping districts and their teachers save time. But in order to make a bigger impact, they needed a brand strategy that put more distance between them and their competition.

OnCourse market research report mockup
OnCourse brand strategy guidelines mockup

It's not about software. It's about helping students grow.

I developed a complete brand positioning for OnCourse's new identity, including new mission and vision statements, values, a tagline, and a persona-based messaging playbook. At the heart of the strategy is not a dry list of software features. Instead, you'll find a story about how OnCourse can help teachers and administrators unlock the potential of more kids through education.

"Our vision: A world where every student receives an extraordinary education because every school district has the best tools to give them one."
OnCourse website messaging mockup

Better tech makes for
better schools.

OnCourse re-launched to the world with their new website, designed and built by Push10. In a space where dry, difficult-to-use software is the norm, OnCourse stands above—and now their entire brand identity reflects that.