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Copywriter & Brand Strategist

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law


How do you develop a voice for one of the world's most important law schools that pushes boundaries, while honoring the tradition behind it?

It starts with learning not just what Penn Law is, but why.

After immersing myself in the Law School's mission and interviewing stakeholders across departments, a story emerged. I developed a voice & tone system that any writer inside or outside the school could pick up, read, and use to write on behalf of the brand. The guide covers grammar, usage, naming conventions, web writing guidelines and more.

Penn law messaging guidelines mock-up
Penn law audience persona screen grabs

Still, a voice is only effective if it lands with the right people.

The process of creating editorial guidelines for the Law School included rigorous attention to their audience personas. All good marketing begins and ends with knowing who they are—what makes them tick, what they're frustrated by, and what makes them human.

"As the trailblazers of a new era of legal education, we lead the way with a voice that projects confidence and celebrates novel, innovative ideas."
Penn Law website copywriting mock up

The future of law is here.

Designed by Push10, the Law School's new website brings their story to life. I wrote copy for the most impactful pages of the site, including the homepage, academics, and admissions pages. But no matter what page you read, the messaging rings as one voice of Penn Law throughout the experience—something a brand can only achieve with the right guidelines in place.